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Wooden staircases and components


Natural wood is a perfect material for production of stairs. Wooden stairs are practical, eye-filling and environmentally friendly. Besides they can be easily decorated, coated and toned in any color or tinge.

Designing, production and installation of wooden stairs requires knowledge of architecture rules and mathematics and also presence of imagination and creative thinking. For that reason all questions concerning production and installation of wooden stairs you should entrust to professionals.

Our company offers manufacturing wooden stairs that would realize all your dreams and fantasies. Our wooden stairs will easily fit in the interior of your house.

Nika-Favorit has long-term experience in the sphere of producing custom wooden stairs of various styles from different species of wood. Manufacturing of wooden stairs is our strong point.

Designing of stairs involves several steps:

First step in creating wooden staircase is creating design considering all requests, points and instructions introduced by the client and approval of the designed project.

At the design stage client can specify type of staircase, size, wood species and other elements.

We produce wooden staircases, sheath iron and reinforced concrete stairs applying hardwood species (oak, ash and others). As a staircase fencing various forged elements, wooden balusters, newels and banisters of any complexity cross-section turning and also curved banisters can be applied. Different decorative fixtures can be used as stairwell fencing.

Our staircases will harmonically fit in the interior of your private house or apartment. Our company also manufactures banisters of any complexity and cross-section. If you need stand-alone staircase elements (steps, newels, balusters, stringers, bridge-boards, saddles) we are capable of producing them.

We provide warranty on our staircases since we obey all technical features including coating, treating of end product with erosion resistant material.
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