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Staircase is functional structural and building element, element of interior that creates and completes harmony and comfort of every house. Staircase is also one of the most important components of interior, construction element of country houses, two-storey flats and apartments. It should be aesthetic and practical therefore harmonize with interior.
Presence of staircase in the house it style and size and construction depends on project and design of a building itself. But recently there is a frequent situation of building private house and apartment without having complete project and later requirement of stairs appears with reconstruction of a house. In this case the type of staircase is selected and designed individually. One should remember that wooden staircase is not only architectural and design element but it also performs important functional purpose. Therefore wooden stairs and stair parts must be not only good looking but convenient.
Speaking about visible beauty and design of staircase. With the application of wood processing materials wooden staircase could obtain various colour tinge and tone. Wooden staircase production is a complex science including accurate observation of perplexed and time-proved technologies and application of oak-tree, ash-tree and other solid wood species – guarantee of enhanced durability and service. Design of staircase is determined by place and free space in a location. The more space you have is the better. We propose and design couple of variants and choose appropriate one.
For example one of the most convenient in-use staircases is straight flight staircase with half space landing but such stairs need from 2 to 3 meters of free space wide and deep. If place lacks free space then another design is applied for example stringer or saddle (bridge board) staircase with winder steps or even spiral (winding) staircase if it seriously lacks space.Introduction to the types of ladders and how do different types of them look like could help to figure out correct ideas how to complete the project. There are four main types of wooden stairs by construction type
Straight stairs (sometimes with Quarter Landing Stairs)
Winder Stairs
Spiral stairs
Combined stairs

Straight stairs

Wooden straight stairs are used mainly where difference between levels and used as interfloor stairs. Flight of stairs inclined part of staircase where ascending and descending on specific part of interfloor interlevel. takes place.


Winder Stairs

Wooden winder stairs are used not only as a staircase but also as a decorative element of a house or apartment.


Spiral stairs

Wooden winder stairs are used not only as a staircase but also as a decorative element of a house or apartment.


Combined Stairs

Combined stairs are the most difficult constructions that sometimes combine abovementioned qualities and properties.


The following list contains staircases distinguished by the method how major elements of stairs are mounted.

Using stringers
Using saddles (bridge boards)
Using bolz

Using stringers

If there is enough room and there are no restrictions in layout — straight staircase with stringers fits greatly.
Stringer staircase steps are sustained from below by horizontal balks (stringers) on both sides. Stringer is an inclined balk on which steps are settled. Stringer stairs are notable for high durability and strength.


Using saddles (bridge boards)

Saddle staircase is a classical type of stairs where steps are sustained simultaneously from side and from below by the saddle (bridge board). Bridge boards (saddles) are wide inclined main balks with rectangular cross-section similar to stringers yet here steps are mounted sideways from the inside.
This type of construction allows to use both classic and at the same time modern approach in design.


Using bolz

Main difference in construction of stairs using bolz elements is absence of risers, where threads are joined together using special self-supported bolz elements.
It is so-called self-supported staircase, its durability is managed due to the thickness and applience of metal fasteners – bolz that join steps together. Staircases on bolz elements look like floating on air but at the same time they possess great durability and strength.


Combined staircases

These staircases may include various methods of mounting and using different fastening elements.

Staircase fencing

Staircase banisters serve as a guarantee of comfortable and safe movement and an additional support while ascending or descending. According to the safety of movement conditions usage of banisters is applied for staircase flights with more then three steps. It’s hard to diminish important role of banisters in exterior design of wooden staircase. While designing of staircase a lot of time is devoted to banisters.


Newels and balusters

Newels and balusters have an ability to enrich design and make unique view of even a simple staircase. As usual a first attention to the staircase is attracted to the balusters. But at the same time balusters are designed not only to add flavor but to be a reliable base for staircase banisters.
Balusters and newels are bearing pillars fencing elements made in columnar form.
Our manufacture produces different types of staircases, banisters, newels and balusters.